Construction engineer salaries, wages, and more

Posted March 12, 2019 14:33:16 Construction engineer jobs are growing and there are many companies offering salaries and benefits that match that of the construction industry.

Construction engineer job offers are growing at a rapid pace, with the sector’s job market becoming more competitive.

The construction industry is a booming industry, with more people being employed in construction and related activities than ever before.

The number of construction jobs in Australia has increased by over 50 per cent in the past 12 months, from 4,823,500 to 5,828,000.

This includes an increase of nearly 20 per cent from the previous 12 months.

The jobs available to construction engineers have also risen by more than 70 per cent, to 5.6 million.

“There’s still a lot of growth to come,” Construction Engineer Australia’s chief executive Paul Wilson said.

“But we’ve seen that construction is really becoming a global industry and we need to keep pace with that growth.”

Construction engineering jobs are often made up of the following positions:Construction Engineer (CE)This position requires a person to develop a workable plan, design and build a work site, maintain and operate equipment and facilities, perform site inspections and other technical duties.

The job may include an extensive knowledge of building and related issues, including the design and construction of buildings and related facilities.

Construction Engineer Construction Engineer salaries range from $32,000 to $40,000 (depending on experience and qualifications) Construction Engineer Construction Engineers can work for as little as $32 per hour (depending in skill level) to $42 per hour.

Construction Engineering Job opportunities are wide and varied.

For example, the current job opportunities include:Aseptic Engineer (Aseps)Aseptics are the professionals responsible for maintaining and repairing all electrical, plumbing and heating systems in a building.

They may be required to perform all types of electrical and plumbing maintenance, from installing new piping to replacing old piping.

In addition to Aseps, Aseptic Engineers may be expected to install electrical wiring, replace existing plumbing and other infrastructure, as well as manage, operate and maintain electrical, electrical equipment and control lighting systems.

The Aseptic Engineer has an emphasis on quality and customer service and will be responsible for ensuring the safety of the building and its employees.

Asepic Engineer Salary range: $22,000 – $37,000Asephonic Engineer (AE)Aesthetics are the art of creating a realistic, beautiful and engaging design using digital technology.

They have a broad knowledge of design, painting and graphic design, as they create works of art using digital media.

AEs focus is on creating effective, safe and efficient designs for use in a wide range of projects.

AE salaries range between $15,000 and $23,000Construction Engineer Salary ranges from $22 to $35,000Budgeting Engineer (Budget)The Budgeting Engineer provides financial management and planning for projects, budgets, budgets and other matters related to financial affairs and general administration.

The Engineer’s duties include the management of financial, accounting and financial reporting processes.

Budgeted Engineer Salary Range: $20,000- $27,000The Construction Engineering career path is often the first step in an individual’s career.

But not all occupations require a particular career path.

For some occupations, the path is already set in stone and is typically undertaken by the completion of one or more engineering degrees.

In other cases, the construction engineer will have to complete a number of other requirements, including completion of an engineering degree and/or the completion, licensing and certification of a certification.

For more information about the Construction Engineering careers, check out the Construction Engineer Jobs page on the Construction Industry Agency’s website.

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Contact the Construction Industries Agency (CIA) on 1300 826 828 or email [email protected]

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