How to get paid $9,000 for the exact same job

Construction workers can make up to $9.5 million a year, according to a report from the Associated Press.

This figure, however, excludes some construction projects.

That means that construction workers can earn up to a whopping $22,000.

That’s why the AP analyzed the salaries of construction workers to get a better idea of how much they actually earn.

Construction workers earn on average $16,200 a year.

Here are some of the top construction jobs in the country, according the AP:1.

Blythe ConstructionJob: Construction worker earns $16.20 per hour and can earn anywhere from $1,000 to $1.5,000 per month.

The minimum wage is $9 per hour.2.

Denton, Texas, ConstructionJob : Construction worker can earn between $6.20 and $7.00 per hour depending on the job.3.

Dallas, TexasConstructionJob : A construction worker can make between $8.70 and $9 a day.4.

Wichita Falls, TexasBuildersJob : If the company hires you for construction work, you can earn as much as $9 an hour, with overtime pay and a health insurance premium.5.

San Antonio, TexasBuildingJob : You can make $9 for every hour you work in the city, including overtime and sick pay.6.

El Paso, TexasWorkforce Development: Construction workers are allowed to earn anywhere between $10 and $16 per hour, depending on whether they work in a team or individually.7.

San Jose, CaliforniaConstructionJob: If you’re a member of a construction team, you’re allowed to make $11.50 an hour.8.

Portland, OregonConstructionJob, ConstructionWorkforce, Construction: The $10.80 an hour is the base salary, but you can work your way up.9.

Sacramento, CaliforniaWorkforceDevelopment: Construction pay is $12 an hour but you also have a health plan, a 401(k) plan and up to two months of vacation a year as long as you’re working.10.

San Francisco, CaliforniaBuilders, Construction, ConstructionPay, ConstructionSalary, ConstructionTeam: You can earn $13.50 a hour and you can make more than $20,000 a year if you’re part of a team.11.

St. Paul, MinnesotaWorkforce: Construction pays $15 an hour plus bonuses and a 401k.

You can work up to 40 hours a week for up to four years.12.

Austin, TexasThe City: Construction jobs can make you up to between $18 and $20 per week.13.

San Diego, CaliforniaEmployment: You could earn as little as $8 per hour with a 401 plan and a medical plan.14.

Los Angeles, CaliforniaUnemployment: Construction work pays $9 and overtime.15.

San Bernardino, CaliforniaJob: A construction contractor can earn from $9 to $11 an hour depending upon the job and the type of job.16.

Atlanta, GeorgiaJob: You earn $12.50 per hour for a job that includes working with other construction workers.17.

Houston, TexasUnemployment, ConstructionCareer: Construction and building trades pay an average of $16 an hour and some jobs pay more.18.

Jacksonville, FloridaCareer, ConstructionPaid, ConstructionHours: Construction, construction and construction trades pay more than the minimum wage and overtime pay.19.

Kansas City, MissouriUnemploymentCareer : You have to be working part time and earn minimum wage.20.

New York, New YorkCareerWork: You have a 401K plan and health insurance and can get up to 20 days of paid vacation a month.21.

Minneapolis, MinnesotaCareerCareerPaidHours: You work part time for $8 an hour at the company and have a guaranteed minimum wage of $9 if you are a full-time employee.22.

Boston, MassachusettsCareerJob:You can earn more than a $10,000 annual salary with no overtime pay, health insurance or sick pay, according, the AP.23.

San Bruno, CaliforniaCareerPay: You might not get paid overtime.24.

Cleveland, OhioCareerPositionPay:You have to work a minimum of 40 hours per week for eight years.25.

Omaha, NebraskaCareerSalary: You may earn more with a guaranteed salary of $18,000 or more.26.

Nashville, TennesseeCareer PositionPay:Your pay depends on the position you work.27.

New Orleans, LouisianaCareer positionPay:Work on a contract for $16 a week.28.

Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaCareer Pay: You get paid in $1 increments and you may get paid more than twice the federal minimum wage if you work at least 40 hours and your employer doesn’t pay overtime.29.

Stroudsburg, PennsylvaniaJobPay: $

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