How to use the word ‘border’ to describe the border barrier

The term “border” has been around for a long time, and it has become quite familiar.

But how does it mean?

We asked Google to help us understand the issue better, so we put together a list of some of the terms that have been used over the years to describe a particular part of the Australian border.


A fence: This term is often used to describe barriers that are built across the border between two countries.

These include fences, fences that are attached to roads and highways, fences on water and in the air, fences around a bridge, fences in the ground and fences on land.

When it comes to the Australian state of New South Wales, the term “fence” is often associated with the fence between the state’s townships and suburbs.

This particular fence is located along the northern border of the state, about 25 kilometres (15 miles) south of Alice Springs, in the town of Campbelltown.

The fences are made up of a series of “cables” that run across the town and have been known to span hundreds of kilometres (miles).

The fences do not have the capacity to prevent vehicles from crossing the boundary and are designed to stop vehicles and pedestrians crossing the border at the border.

The area surrounding Campbelltown has been heavily used for border construction since the 1980s, with the area also home to many other construction projects, including a large “boom gate” to control the flow of people, a border fence that was erected on the outskirts of Adelaide in 2004, and the construction of a fence that will extend to the northern half of the border in the nearby town of Burwood.

The state has since used a number of other construction-related terms to describe these fences.

For example, the “northern fence” is the portion of the fence that runs from Campbelltown to Alice Springs.

The “western fence” covers the entire northern section of the town.

The phrase “narrow, winding” is also sometimes used to refer to the western section of this fence.

A number of construction projects are also being carried out in the area, with construction work being carried forward on a number other parts of the frontier.

In the northern section, the work has been carried forward in two phases.

The first phase involves a fence built along the western border that was finished in December 2011.

The second phase involves the construction and operation of a second fence that is expected to be completed in early 2017.

The northern and western sections of the perimeter fencing are expected to have a total length of between 60 and 90 kilometres (35 and 50 miles).

The western section will be the most heavily used portion of that fence, and will have a minimum length of approximately 70 kilometres (40 miles).


The fence: When it is said that there is a fence, it generally refers to a series or a system of fences.

The term is used to indicate the borders that have existed across a country since the time of the colonial era, which include the border of India and Pakistan, the border with Myanmar and Thailand, and also the border from the United States of America to Mexico.

A “fenced in” country is one that is not in the process of being built up or developed.

For a “fencing” country, the country’s border has been completed and constructed, but the country has not yet been officially incorporated into the international community.

The process of “fences in” countries means that the borders of those countries have been built up and are in a state of completion.

The international community is constantly looking for ways to “close” borders to increase trade and economic opportunities.

The word “federal” means that these countries have a federal government and a common border.

This is because the United Nations and other international organisations are concerned about the economic and social impacts of the influx of illegal migrants.

The US and China, the countries that have recently been “fled” from Australia, are both members of the United Nation’s Border and Maritime Organisation (BOMO).


A road: A road is a road that has been built along a border.

A new road, as opposed to a road built for a different purpose, is a major undertaking and takes time.

The time that it takes to build a road depends on the nature of the work that is involved.

Roads that are intended for traffic and/or other types of infrastructure are often the most expensive.

Roads for building structures or buildings are usually the most economical, and are often built on a large scale.

Roads can be constructed on a piece of land, or they can be laid out in any number of layers, such as on top of the ground, on a bridge or in the sky.

A railway is a type of road that is often constructed across a border and that has to be maintained in order to prevent it from becoming a problem.

A rail line is a railway that runs across a

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