How to build a Lego house

The future looks bright for home building, with Lego set to take over construction once again.

The company’s new project, The Lego Factory, aims to create a fully-furnished, self-sufficient home that includes a range of interior and exterior elements.

To help make the experience more engaging and fun, Lego has also developed a ‘kitchen’ that includes an oven, a dishwasher, microwave, fridge, sink, coffee maker, and a coffee table.

The product, launched in December, features an ‘interactive’ design that lets you create and edit your own scenes with Lego blocks, and you can then bring the whole building to life using the Lego Build Station app.

Lego has said the product is intended to be a ‘first-of-its-kind’ approach to home design, and to create ‘a new kind of experience for children and adults alike’.

The project’s main challenge is to get people interested enough to want to build something themselves.

‘If you look at the Lego-built homes of the past, they were basically simple sets of bricks and lots of boring stuff, which is not what we want to do,’ Lego founder and CEO Ralf Hildebrand told the BBC.

‘We want people to go on the journey of building their own home.’

Lego has already set up shop in Germany, where its products are available for purchase from manufacturers including Adorama and Home Goods.

In Japan, the company has launched a range a home builder program, where users can get advice and get advice from professionals in their area.

In Europe, Lego is planning to open a manufacturing centre in Ireland, where it plans to manufacture its products in-house.

‘It’s not going to be an open factory, because we have no intention of manufacturing here in Ireland,’ Lego’s Ralf Hofreiter told the ABC.

‘What we want is to be in a very small number of factories, which are in fact a very expensive operation for a company like ours, and we want people who want to go for that, who want it to be sustainable.’

What you need to know about Lego The Lego Tower is the world’s tallest structure The Lego Group’s headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

It houses the company’s manufacturing facility, where Lego’s products are made.

Lego’s headquarters are the world record holder for the highest structure in the world, but it has also held the title of the world ‘most successful toy company’ since 2008.

In the UK, the firm is the most valuable company in the UK’s toy industry.

It has a turnover of over $1.5bn (£1.25bn).

The Lego factory in Ireland was set up as a joint venture between Lego and Adorama.

Lego was the biggest toy manufacturer in the EU until 2011, when it was forced to stop production of its popular Star Wars toys after it was discovered that some were made with toxic mercury.

The Lego name was changed to Lego in 2014.

Lego set up an Irish subsidiary, the Lego Group, in 2009.

It operates two factories in Ireland and one in Germany.

Lego is owned by a group of companies that include toy manufacturers Hasbro and Mattel, as well as a range, including fashion chain Zara and car manufacturer Mercedes.

The new product is expected to be available in Australia by the end of this year.

What you should know about the Lego Factory product Lego’s founder and chairman RalfHildebrand, left, and his father Ralf.

Lego Tower, the world first Lego Tower in Amsterdam.

It is currently under construction in Amsterdam’s Amsterdam neighbourhood.

Lego plans to start production in Australia in 2019.

The building process was developed by Lego’s Lego group in conjunction with Adorama, a local property developer.

Adorama is a property developer in Australia.

Adorable designs Lego’s The Lego City Guide, a guide to Lego design in Australia and New Zealand.

The guide features detailed illustrations of Lego buildings from around the world.

The project was funded by Lego Australia and the Lego Foundation.

What’s the history of Lego?

Lego is the oldest company in Lego’s family.

The name was created in Germany in 1952, when the company was founded by Ralf and Jan Wirth, who had worked in the construction industry.

Lego products have become popular throughout the world thanks to their simplicity and creativity.

Lego started out as a toy company in Germany with the aim of creating kits for children.

However, the family soon realised that Lego was a lot more than just a toy.

‘Ralf was always a little bit of a rebel, a little kid in a lot of ways,’ said Jan Wetherington, Lego founder, to the BBC in 2014, about his father.

‘So, we went for the fun of it.’

He added: ‘We wanted to build things that were a bit more exciting and fun.’

The company was first sold in the US in the 1960s, when a US subsidiary was formed.

Since then, the toy company has expanded into Europe

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