Why Australia’s mining industry is the new gold rush

By Daniel ProussetIn the past year, Australia’s coal mining industry has been the new golden rush.

It’s a booming sector that employs some of the country’s richest people and that is being hailed as a savior of the economy by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other senior Labor and Liberal politicians.

But the sector is also a ticking time bomb for the Australian economy.

A surge in new coal mines has fuelled the rise in prices of Australian coal and the price of coal itself has soared.

And while the industry has generated some jobs and boosted the economy, its impact on the wider economy has been less than anticipated.

What the mining industry tells us about the futureOf course, Australia has a lot of coal and it’s worth a lot more than gold.

But it is not an economic miracle that every year brings.

We have the world’s biggest coal mining capacity, and mining in the Australian state of Queensland has been booming for decades.

We’re also in the midst of the worst drought in a generation, and the worst droughts in a century.

As the world economy grapples with the aftermath of the global financial crisis, and as China’s leaders look to revive their economies, there is a lot riding on coal mining in Australia.

As of last year, the coal industry accounted for roughly 13 per cent of the total Australian economy, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

In the next few years, it will be worth about 7 per cent.

But that does not mean the sector has everything to offer.

The economic impact of mining is largely driven by its economic value.

Mining companies make money by selling minerals to the mines they operate, and this is where they make their money.

This is not to say mining is bad, but it is a significant part of the Australian coal industry.

So what does the coal mining sector actually do for Australia?

Mining can’t replace jobsBut the mining sector does have some jobs that are good, or even essential.

Coal mining is a vital part of Australia’s economy.

It employs people, supplies jobs and provides energy for the rest of the world.

The mining industry employs some 10 million people in Australia and the industry contributes around $15 billion to the countrys economy each year.

This comes mainly from mining the coal and iron ore that is used in the production of electricity, heat, fuel, cement and cement products, as well as providing fuel for power plants and vehicles.

But it’s also important to look at the jobs that coal mining creates.

The number of jobs in the mining and related industries is growing rapidly, as is the number of Australians employed in the industry.

This figure is rising, but the jobs are also growing at a much slower rate than in other industries.

According to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, in 2014, about 5.2 million Australians were employed in related industries, including 1.7 million in related mining.

This number has increased to 6.2 per cent over the last five years.

The sector is a good source of jobs, but not everything is created equalThe mining sector is not all that different to other industries in Australia, and there are some similarities between the mining industries in the US and Australia.

There are a lot, for example, in the energy sector, which is dominated by the coal mines.

But there are also many other sectors in Australia that rely heavily on mining.

In particular, we have the coal-fired power station industry, which produces around 3 per cent and produces around one-third of the nation’s electricity.

The coal-based industry is largely dependent on imports and, like other industries, is highly dependent on foreign capital.

This means that a large proportion of jobs are in foreign countries and, in many cases, are in industries that are not based in Australia’s own coal producing region.

The Australian coal mining industries, which employ some 10m people, is not the only industry that relies heavily on foreign investment.

It is important to note that the mining of coal is also heavily dependent on the mining companies that own the mines, which in turn are based in the Chinese market.

Australia’s coal mines are heavily dependent, in large part, on foreign moneyThe mining and associated industries have been dependent on Chinese capital for many decades, as China has built the world class facilities in which to mine coal.

Australia has been building a huge coal industry for the last 30 years, and Chinese capital has poured huge sums into the country.

This has helped to keep Australia’s power prices high and helped to maintain the high Australian dollar.

The recent Chinese stock market boom has seen Australia’s currency rise, but at a cost to its coal mining workers.

Chinese investors have poured more than $US2.5 billion into the mining, manufacturing and energy sectors over the past three years.

And the cost to the workers is staggering.

According to a recent report from the Australian National University’s Department of Economic Studies, mining workers in Australia face a $US4.4 million annual wage cut.

That means their average monthly income

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