Construction jobs hiring for next two years

Construction jobs are hiring for the next two or three years, with a focus on key sectors such as transport, utilities, rail and water, according to the Construction Industry Association (CIA).

The construction sector employs more than 2.6 million people in Ireland, making it one of the largest in the EU, and employs more people in this country than any other sector.

More than 5,400 new construction jobs were announced on Monday, with the number expected to reach 10,000 by 2019, the CIA said.

“The new job creation will help to maintain our long-term economic recovery and the continued investment in our national infrastructure and transport systems,” said Ciarán Kelly, CIA Ireland regional president.

“There is a clear need for the sector and for its employers to invest in Ireland and the construction sector is part of the solution to that.”

Construction workers will have a real say in the success of our economy.

This is why we are encouraging all those interested in the construction industry to get involved in this important sector.

“The sector is currently in the midst of a boom in demand, with job creation expected to increase by 1,400 per cent by 2020, according the CIE.

The sector also employs more Irish workers than any of the EU’s 27 other industries, with about 2,500 construction jobs in total.

About 80 per cent of construction workers in Ireland are from the Republic, with other major European nations like Germany and France accounting for a similar number.

About 12 per cent are from overseas, and Irish citizens account for about half of all construction workers.

Construction industry jobs are usually a high-skilled job with a median wage of about €80,000.

They tend to require experience in building construction, with around 80 per to 90 per cent having built a building or a structure.

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