‘Aquatic dinosaurs’ could be extinct in less than a decade: scientists

The world’s oceans could be inundated with a sea-dwelling creature by 2050, according to scientists working on a study that could pave the way for a better understanding of how the animals came to be.

The study, published in the journal Science Advances, estimates that if global temperatures continue to rise, as they have done over the past 20 years, the world’s aquatic life could vanish by 2050.

The researchers calculated that a global warming of 2 degrees Celsius by 2050 would leave the oceans as dry as they are today.

This could result in the extinction of almost 80 per cent of the worldís animal and plant species.

Scientists have long known that animals such as whales, dolphins and sea turtles can live and survive underwater, but their populations are currently estimated to be in decline.

The new study was led by Professor Daniel Hsu of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, who led the work.

The scientists calculated that if temperatures continued to rise to 3.6 degrees Celsius and sea levels continued to increase, a large proportion of species could go extinct in just three decades.

Prof Hsu said: ‘Our calculations indicate that the sea level could rise as high as 3 metres by the end of this century and that there is no way to prevent this.’

This is a pretty big prediction.

The oceans are already so far ahead of the warming trends that we cannot expect to see much change in their future.’

There is no reason why we should expect them to stay the same.’

The sea is a really complicated system, and it is not something that can be understood from a mathematical point of view.

It is a complex system that has its own rules that can’t be changed.’

Sea level rise is a significant issue for marine ecosystems around the world.

Scientists know that rising seas will lead to changes in ecosystems, including changes in marine species, which can lead to more diseases and more stress for people living near the coast.

However, there is also a potential for animals and plants to adapt to these changes, including some species that are already well adapted to them.

The research also shows that the impact of global warming on marine life is a ‘potential driver of future species extinctions’, according to Professor Hsu.

The paper describes how the study looked at several types of animals and plant life, including fish, sharks, sea turtles and crustaceans.

It found that, as sea levels rise, there are fewer species on land, and more species in the oceans.

This has led to the emergence of more species of animals such a octopus and octopus-like creatures, and their descendants.

But this has led the scientists to question whether the changes we see in the ocean could have any lasting effect on marine animals, or even humans, which may be a threat to their survival.’

Aquaculture could be the ultimate threat to marine ecosystems,’ said Professor Hsi, adding that it could be a major factor in the decline of sea life.’

It is not only going to be a problem for the ocean.

It could be that the animals that are going to go extinct are going extinct because of something that we have done to them.’

Scientists believe that the ocean is now under a severe drought.

But Professor Hsie said there was evidence that some of the changes to the environment that we see could be related to climate change.’

In many cases, the changes that are occurring are due to climate disruption, and there are some things that we can learn from climate change,’ he said.’

Some of these changes might not be so bad.

But there is evidence that they could be harmful.’

Climate disruption is a process that happens in nature that causes changes to our environment.

So, we need to think about whether there are changes that could be dangerous.’

The researchers suggest that the current state of the oceans is not the only cause of global ocean warming.

The impact of sea level rise on marine ecosystems could also be a factor.

Dr Peter Jones, a marine scientist at University College London, said the research was important.’

We are not aware of any previous work that looks at a combination of climate change and ocean warming as a driver of extinction,’ he told BBC News.’

They could be.

But the authors make the case that we should be very careful to distinguish between what we can measure in the future and what we might observe in the past.’

But I think this paper does a good job of making this distinction.’

Dr Jones said that the researchers were not suggesting that climate change should be blamed for extinction, but that it is important to understand how it might have affected the ecosystems.’

I think this is a very important paper, because it really puts to bed a lot of the alarmist talk about climate change causing extinction,’ Dr Jones said.

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