Construction jobs hiring boost in Melbourne

Construction jobs are on the rise, with job seekers seeking more flexibility in terms of hours, with some expecting the number to climb by a fifth over the next three years.

Key points:More than 50,000 jobs have been created over the past yearWork is expected to be disrupted for the duration of the construction boomThe job opportunities are expected to grow to about 20,000 in the next few yearsSource: ABC News | Duration: 01:19:14More than 100,000 construction jobs are currently available for hire across Melbourne, with more than 50 to go before construction starts on the $1.5 billion CityLink Melbourne metro project.

The Government says that is the best outcome for all workers, but that the job growth has been limited by the construction disruptions caused by the state’s budget impasse.

Key facts:Key pointsConstruction jobs are expected by 2020The number of construction jobs is expected increase by around a fifth in the near termThe Federal Government has been asked to set aside $5.8 billion over three years for projects like the CityLink and $2.5bn for the State Government’s infrastructure and regional growth package.

Mr Abbott has set aside another $3.5b for infrastructure, and $1bn for regional growth.

“It is an opportunity for our community, for our economy and for our people to have the opportunity to be a part of a greater prosperity for our state and nation,” he said in his Budget speech on Tuesday.

“Construction jobs, jobs that make Australia a better place to live and work, are not only in demand, but they are being created at record rates.”

The Government will do whatever it takes to help create jobs in the construction industry.

“We will help Australians invest in their communities, we will help businesses to grow and create jobs here in Melbourne.”

As we look ahead, it is clear that the Government has a clear vision for the future of this country.””

The CityLink Metro is an exciting and ambitious undertaking that will bring significant benefits to Melbourne’s development, and it is critical that this important work is completed in a responsible manner.

“Mr Abbott says the Federal Government will create the infrastructure infrastructure package, but only if Labor can guarantee that $2bn will be made available over the two-year period, as well as $2 billion in future grants.”

We need to secure the future funding of the Citylink project and we will do that through the appropriate Government grants,” he told reporters in Melbourne on Tuesday morning.”

But we also need to ensure that the State and Federal Governments have the resources to do the same for other regional infrastructure projects as well.

“Labor has promised to create $5 billion in new grants for infrastructure over the three-year construction period, and will work with the Federal Labor government to ensure funding is secured.

Mr Turnbull said he was looking forward to the day when all of the infrastructure projects funded through the CityLink project will be completed.”

I want to thank the Premier and the Government for taking the time to give us the confidence to get ahead of the Opposition, which is why I am committed to this great project,” he added.

The Opposition has said it will not support any new Federal funding, but will instead support a Government that is responsible for its own infrastructure and infrastructure projects.”

Labor’s commitment to the City Link Metro is based on a clear commitment to building the infrastructure of the future, not a promise to be repaid,” Mr Turnbull said.”

For the last five years, Labor has put the taxpayer on the hook to fund our regional infrastructure needs.


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