How to build a bridge to nowhere in Australia

A new bridge is set to open to the public in Melbourne this week, with some of the most challenging construction in the country.

Key points:The $1.2 billion project is set for completion in 2019Construction of the project is expected to take around four yearsConstruction of a road bridge from the western side of the city to the east side of Melbourne is expected in 2019Key pointsThe bridge will be located on the site of a former railway stationBuilding the road bridge will involve a lot of work and there are significant costsThe $8.8 billion project will open to traffic on a section of the Victorian Government’s new eastern railway line, which is due to open in 2020.

It is hoped that the bridge will allow passengers to travel along a section that is currently off-limits due to the construction of the western end of the line.

The $2 billion Melbourne City Link will connect the eastern and western sides of the old railway line.

Construction is expected over four years, with the main portion of the work taking place at the site where the railway station was.

“The new project is part of the $8 billion Victoria City Link that will connect Melbourne’s eastern and west sides,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“As the Commonwealth Government has announced its vision for the Melbourne Metro, I look forward to building this new rail link and the $2.5 billion Melbourne Crossrail project that will make the city a destination for commuters and business travellers.”

The bridge, which will be named The Bridge of Light, will be built by the Australian Capital Territory Government (ACT) and the Western Australian Government (WA).

It will cost $2,500 per metre of the track, $300 per metre for the concrete and $300 for the steel.

It will connect three areas: Melbourne’s north-west, south-west and eastern suburbs, with a pedestrian walkway connecting them.

The bridge is scheduled to open at the end of 2019.

“This bridge will provide a direct link to the CBD, which was not possible before the construction began,” said Acting Mayor of Melbourne, Ian Campbell, who is responsible for the project.

“It will provide easy access for people to get from one part of Melbourne to another.”

The project is being funded by the Victorian State Government, and has been approved by the Federal Government.

“We are delighted to be bringing the bridge to the city, a city that is already home to some of our most iconic landmarks, such as the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground,” Mr Andrews said in a statement.

“I look forward, with all my heart, to seeing this bridge open for business and travel.”

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