New video shows how clayco demolition works

The video, titled “Creek and the Road,” shows how a clayco is being dismantled in a quarry in New Mexico.

The video was posted on Facebook by a user named Clayco Construction.

The footage is a promotional video for a new documentary that’s based on the film.

The documentary is called “Rescue Me” and the trailer for the documentary features footage of the destruction of the clayco.

It also includes a shot of the site of a recent clayco excavation.

The video was made by the artist David Baughman and has been viewed over 3 million times.

A spokesperson for Clayco construction told Al Jazeera that the video is a promo video and is not an official production.

The Clayco has been around for hundreds of years and is an important part of the landscape.

Clayco was originally a water source, but its use is becoming increasingly dependent on irrigation, water storage, and human activities.

In a video on Facebook, Baughmans wife, Debbie, talks about how she was able to capture footage of how the clay was being destroyed in the quarry.

The site of the recent excavation is a small quarry located in the area of the city of Alamogordo, New Mexico, that was once the center of a claymore operation.

The project is a joint venture between Clayco and the company that makes the water-storage equipment, and it’s hoped that the claymore will continue to operate.

“It was a really fun project,” Baughmen said in a Facebook post.

“We got to capture the moment in time and the process that happened.

There were people in there doing a lot of work, but it was very peaceful and the people were really kind of doing a good job.”

He added that the quarry itself has been a good source of clay, because it was once home to a large number of Native Americans who used the site to gather and process their clay.

The demolition of the quarry is part of a process of removing the clay from the landscape, but that process is not done entirely in clay.

In fact, the process is more like a “soup” process, where the ground is cleaned up with sand.

The process takes a lot longer than a “dinosaur bone” dig, and involves a lot more people.

Baughman said that the project will take about a year, but there are plans to build a larger structure to house the workers who have to haul and transport the clay.

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