Conservatives fight back against ‘fiscal cliff’ debt ceiling fight

The American conservative movement has been rocked by the debt ceiling drama, and now it seems like the Tea Party is going to get its own debt limit fight.

A Tea Party group in Iowa plans to rally around an idea that it calls the “Citizen’s Debt Crisis” that would allow citizens to write down their federal debt in exchange for a reduction in taxes.

In an interview with The Hill, the group’s leader, Chris Cox, said that his group is planning to rally against the debt limit as early as this week, and is also looking to raise the debt level to more than $16 trillion.

“The debt ceiling is a political issue, not a constitutional issue, and we’ve been saying that for a while,” Cox said.

“We’ve been talking about it in the House, we’ve talked about it on the floor of the Senate, and on social media, and people are starting to understand the issue.”

We need to be on the same page as the American people, and I think the debt is a big part of that.””

This is not something that should be politicized.

We need to be on the same page as the American people, and I think the debt is a big part of that.”

The Citizens Debt Crisis was first floated in June by House Republican leaders and the White House, and has been the focus of much criticism from conservatives.

While Cox told The Hill that the group is aiming to hold a meeting on the issue before the end of the year, he said that the goal of the rally is not to raise taxes, but to get the debt lowered to more manageable levels.

“What we are trying to do is take some of the pressure off of the president, and put it on other people,” Cox told the Hill.

“If we can put pressure on the administration to do something, we can have a real conversation about the debt.”

Cox said that he thinks that his plan would not only pass the Senate but would likely be passed in the GOP-controlled House, where it is likely to receive more support than in the Senate.

The Tea Party, however, has not ruled out using a government shutdown to try and force the debt deal through.

“I think it’s just a question of timing, and what you do in the last week,” Cox added.

He said that if the debt issue goes through, it is unlikely that Republicans will vote for a debt limit increase, as they would rather have a deal that increases taxes than cuts spending.

The group has raised some serious money in the past year, raising $3.5 million during the first quarter of 2017, with more than half coming from individual donors.

The group has also launched an online fundraising campaign, and Cox said that donations will be taken directly from the group.

“It’s really just a matter of time before we get that $16 million,” Cox joked.

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